Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to get my project started?

Call our professional sales staff to set an appointment to discuss your countertop and cabinet needs. Our friendly staff will inform you what is needed for you to buy your dream and for us to sell you an experience.

Can I have an integrated sink in my laminate countertop?

Yes, BB Countertops offers an innovative way to have an integrated sink in your laminate tops. This gives a custom look at an affordable price.

Do my countertops require special care?

Countertops are quite durable, but there are a few important facts to remember.

Always use a hot pad or trivet for pans and baking dishes.  Don’t place hot pans directly on countertops.

Always use a cutting board.  Do not cut directly on your countertop.

Do not let liquids or steam accumulate on a laminate countertop seam.  Wipe up puddles immediately.

How do I prepare my countertop for measure?

Someone with decision-making authority needs to be present at measure.

To ensure a safe workplace, please keep pets confined during measure and installation.

New cabinets must be completely installed (to include all base cabinents, fillers, and panels), level and ready for countertops.

Please have cooktop/stove and sink/sink template on jobsite if we are to do the cutout for their installation.

Please have countertops clear of all objects.

How do I prepare for my countertop installation?

If your countertops are being torn out, have your sink removed and countertops clear of all objects.

Remove all drawers of cabinets and remove items in lower cabinets and under sink.  Have the stove, cook-top, and refrigerator out of the area.

Have the sink or sink template available if a sink hole is to be cut on the job.  If there is a new cook top or stove, it should be on the job site as well.

Replacing your countertops will require removal and reinstallation of your sink.  You may need to disconnect gas or electrical lines to your stove or cook top. 

Many times, removal of a countertop will require repair or replacement of drywall, tile or wallpaper.  BB Countertops does not provide these services. We suggest consulting the HBA Remodelor's council of Colorado Springs' Member List to find a suitable contractor.

How do I clean my laminate countertop?

Use a damp cloth with dish soap.  Never use an abrasive cleaner.  For tough stains use a paste mixture of baking soda and water.  Also, a countertop polish like “Hopes Polish” will enhance the beauty of your countertop.